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This weekend was quite busy here. M1’s birthday was this weekend, my little 8 year old boy, you know that’s only 2 years until 10. So big, where does the time go?
We had a party for him with our local friends here. They had fun, VS decided to test out his clown routine and figured out this is not the career choice for him…thank god. He entertained them while I fed them. Great team work. We had to have the party on Friday since VS was working on the weekend, that left out his out of town friends who were greatly missed.
I told VS to ensure that all the kids had a chance to win at his games, since you know how kids are, the world comes to an end if they don’t win something. Also, since M1 is a sore loser I didn’t want him to cry at his own party. Yes, he cries if he loses at any kind of game. He won’t even let his brother win as they race up the stairs. He must win all the time.

We’ve finished our dinosaur lapbook and now onto Ancient Egypt. Math is going really well. I’ve learned to go against all my urges and stop pressuring him. We’ve just been taking it slow and steady.

The in-laws invited themselves up and then they requested that I make a turkey. Thanks to to a combination of google and youtube, the turkey turned out really moist and delicious. It was the second one I’ve ever made. The secret? it was cooked breast side down and then flipped over the last hour to crisp the skin. Awesome!
I’m tired.