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So here we are in our second month of homeschooling and I have just revamped our reading schedule. It looks a little more intensive, however, M1 seems interested so far in the new readings which is good. I was reading a lot on Charlotte mason and thought “what am I waiting for?” so I decided I might as well start now. The curriculum is outlined at Ambleside online so I just adapted it to suite us. There’s lots of read alouds and we’ve just finished peter pan. Although, since we have the Disney book, M1 kept asking why the pictures from the novel didn’t look the same as the Disney book and why other things were different. FYI Tinker bell is actually evil, at least that’s what we think. I think that we’ll have to read the novels first before he sees any movies.


I have now implemented a formal allowance with M1.
I was never given that opportunity, and I is why my money management skills are poor. I was constantly, having to repeat every little order. Clean your room, pick up your toys, brush your teeth, every command was answered with “why?” because I said so was my reply. But after the 10th time, you just get tired.
M1 list of chores include:
-wash your own dishes
-keep your room and living room clean of your toys
-make your bed
-feed and brush the dog
-help your brother
-help mommy with laundry and cooking
and here’s the most important one
LISTEN to mommy and daddy
So each day he gets a sticker on his calendar that we’ve made,which will amount to a quarter a day. We are working on money skills right now so I needed an even amount. So at the end of the week he will receive $1.75 if all is well which is good for an item at the dollar store. I had to stop by the dollar store the other day and he asked for a dino but I told him since he didn’t have any money, he couldn’t purchase anything. So he told me to use the money from his piggy bank, lol. Nope, I said that money is your savings, so here we begin our life lesson into money…savings are important. He’s actually been very helpful this past week since he is looking forward to getting a dino (as usual). Although today, he did not receive a sticker for purposely pushing his brother after he destroyed something he had made. Willfull acts of violence are not tolerated at any level.