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We recently visited Kingston and there isn’t much to do up there but I found the Miller Museum at Queens University. We had hoped to go to Ottawa to visit the Museum of Nature but it happened to be close at the time of our trip.

You know you’re a homeschooler when you base your trip on where museums are located.

We were planning to head out to the east coast when our car broke down, well my mother’s, and spent an entire day trying to get back home. I bet you didn’t know you could get CAA to tow your car 3 times. Thank goodness we had some helpful family members pick us up while VS stayed with the vehicle. We have the worst car luck ever.
The kids had fun in Kingston since there was a cat at the house. M1 thinks that was the whole trip, as long as they had fun I guess, that’s fine with me.

Yes I know, I’m late in my halloween update. For the past 2 years we have gone to harvest fest, which is held at a local church here. They put on a play and you sign up your child, they get a bingo card with all the games on them. The kids go and play games and get tons of candy. When you’re finished you give them your card and you’re entered in for a prize. They also had door prizes. We never win so I don’t even pay attention anymore. This year about half way through as they were announcing the winner for 2 tickets to see Robin Hood at a local theatre, guess who they call?

Yes we won!!! woohoo!!!

So benefits of harvest fest are:

  • stayed warm inside and got a bag full of candy
  • kids had fun playing games and tired themselves out for bedtime (They also had a bouncy castle)
  • Parents sit and watch while eating home baked goodies
  • won 2 tickets to a show

That made my night. Now we have to read Robin Hood before we go see it.

By the way, M1 was dressed as frankenstein (same as last year, I don’t know why he likes that mask so much) and I dressed M2 up in his army clothes and put 2 lines under his eyes in black makeup (he was an army soldier), didn’t think it would have been appropriate to give him a gun to carry so he brought his car, lol. He has yet to lose one, which is pretty good for a little guy. These boys sure don’t forget about their favorite toys. I’m not into halloween much, hence the boring costumes, but they still enjoyed it and M2 could care less about what he was wearing.