***Monkey Academy***

Oh boy…

Posted on: October 3, 2009

My end of the week rants:
Still editing my proposal…I’m kind of sick of looking at my work. Is that a good sign? I still have a thesis to write up. ugh.

I need a vacation but no passport equals me having to get an enhance driver’s license. It sounds like a really rigorous process with the interviews and all. I just want to shop in the states, so much work.

We’re studying ancient Egypt now and M1 says that he is Egyptian because he likes to wear only his underwear, this is also why he admires Tarzan. Too funny.

I find it funny that CNN was only going to cover the last round of decisions for the 2016 olympic bid and then when they were eliminated in the first round, were scrambling to replay everything. Who were the analyst who figured it was going to come down to these two and sent Obama over there to Copenhagen, what a waste of his time.


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