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Oh boy…

Posted on: September 27, 2009

My end of the week rants.
I spent the entire week working on a poster for a conference and on the last day my supervisor spent the whole day changing everything. What was the point of me working on it then?

My proposal defence got pushed back to the 26th, I just want to get it over with at this point.

Before the end of last week when M1 was to receive his allowance, he had already requested a raise. When he asked what he could buy with $1.75, I responded with 1 item from the dollar store. I guess he was not pleased with that and requested more money. After our second week, he was happy to hear that he would be able to purchase 3 items.

Well maybe 2 since the dollar store is no longer $1 but a $1/$1.50/$2 store.

On trying to plan what we will be doing for M1’s bday, VS suggested hiring a clown, and then suggested that he be the clown who could do “cheesy” magic tricks. I think it could work…if he were performing for toddlers. M2 finds him hilariously funny, however, he also laughs at M1 hitting his bum so not happening.
The dilemma is that VS is working weekends and won’t be around for it plus it’s thanksgiving long weekend.

Oh boy…

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2 Responses to "Oh boy…"

Sounds like the little one might be a good businessman. haha

Ooooooohhhhhh a clown!

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