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What next?

Posted on: September 9, 2009

Vs and I have been talking and discussing about what we should do once I finish school, that date is fast approaching. I only have until early 2010, which is several months to finish my experiments and write up my thesis. So did you know you could buy a house in Newfoundland for $100 000 as well as Nova Scotia. These are some of the options VS has thrown in (did I mention I was trying to get away from really cold winters). We’re mostly considering Ottawa and Calgary, Alberta. We figure this is the best time to do it. We’re not tied down with jobs anywhere and hopefully by the time I graduate there will be jobs available in my field. We’re ready for change, to move ahead in the world, however, what holds me back is the fact that my family and friends are here. Which is why Ottawa would be the most logical choice even though I would be 3 hours away. But heading out West would be so fun, the scenery’s beautiful, I am, however, frightened by those Alberta winters. Where ever I am, I hope to continue homeschooling, that’s the plan anyway. I’ve worked so hard to make friends here for M1 and have found some great people, it would be sad to have to start over again.

I now have a tentative proposal thesis defence date for October 2, did I mention your proposal is suppose to be done in the first 2 terms of your masters. I am now at exactly 2 years, and counting. It’s nice to have goals, it will be a busy month…yeah.

The undergrads our now in the residences and celebrating. They’re so young, I’m don’t think at 17 you should have the freedom to be out on your own at university. Is it just me or am I completely annoyed by students, high school and undergrads alike. I’m sure I was just as annoying to people with families as well but hey this is the cycle right. I appreciate peace and quiet, the freedom to go to bed at a decent hour without waking up exhausted. That’s all I ask for…peace. These kids are pumping their music at midnight as I write, I hate frosh week.


7 Responses to "What next?"

Wait, you’re trying to get away from the cold winters and you are thinking about Ottawa & Calgary? Are you sure you don’t secretly like winter? šŸ™‚

lol no I hate winter but I’m hoping for some fresh scenery where ever I go, can’t get away from the cold when you’re in canada.

I’m telling mommm…

yeah she won’t be happy she thought ottawa was too far

put more pics upp of linc and ty

What happened to Seattle??

to much work to try to work in the U.S., we figure if we’re in the west coast it will be easier to go visit.

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