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My end of the week rants.
I spent the entire week working on a poster for a conference and on the last day my supervisor spent the whole day changing everything. What was the point of me working on it then?

My proposal defence got pushed back to the 26th, I just want to get it over with at this point.

Before the end of last week when M1 was to receive his allowance, he had already requested a raise. When he asked what he could buy with $1.75, I responded with 1 item from the dollar store. I guess he was not pleased with that and requested more money. After our second week, he was happy to hear that he would be able to purchase 3 items.

Well maybe 2 since the dollar store is no longer $1 but a $1/$1.50/$2 store.

On trying to plan what we will be doing for M1’s bday, VS suggested hiring a clown, and then suggested that he be the clown who could do “cheesy” magic tricks. I think it could work…if he were performing for toddlers. M2 finds him hilariously funny, however, he also laughs at M1 hitting his bum so not happening.
The dilemma is that VS is working weekends and won’t be around for it plus it’s thanksgiving long weekend.

Oh boy…

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I have now implemented a formal allowance with M1.
I was never given that opportunity, and I is why my money management skills are poor. I was constantly, having to repeat every little order. Clean your room, pick up your toys, brush your teeth, every command was answered with “why?” because I said so was my reply. But after the 10th time, you just get tired.
M1 list of chores include:
-wash your own dishes
-keep your room and living room clean of your toys
-make your bed
-feed and brush the dog
-help your brother
-help mommy with laundry and cooking
and here’s the most important one
LISTEN to mommy and daddy
So each day he gets a sticker on his calendar that we’ve made,which will amount to a quarter a day. We are working on money skills right now so I needed an even amount. So at the end of the week he will receive $1.75 if all is well which is good for an item at the dollar store. I had to stop by the dollar store the other day and he asked for a dino but I told him since he didn’t have any money, he couldn’t purchase anything. So he told me to use the money from his piggy bank, lol. Nope, I said that money is your savings, so here we begin our life lesson into money…savings are important. He’s actually been very helpful this past week since he is looking forward to getting a dino (as usual). Although today, he did not receive a sticker for purposely pushing his brother after he destroyed something he had made. Willfull acts of violence are not tolerated at any level.


Vs and I have been talking and discussing about what we should do once I finish school, that date is fast approaching. I only have until early 2010, which is several months to finish my experiments and write up my thesis. So did you know you could buy a house in Newfoundland for $100 000 as well as Nova Scotia. These are some of the options VS has thrown in (did I mention I was trying to get away from really cold winters). We’re mostly considering Ottawa and Calgary, Alberta. We figure this is the best time to do it. We’re not tied down with jobs anywhere and hopefully by the time I graduate there will be jobs available in my field. We’re ready for change, to move ahead in the world, however, what holds me back is the fact that my family and friends are here. Which is why Ottawa would be the most logical choice even though I would be 3 hours away. But heading out West would be so fun, the scenery’s beautiful, I am, however, frightened by those Alberta winters. Where ever I am, I hope to continue homeschooling, that’s the plan anyway. I’ve worked so hard to make friends here for M1 and have found some great people, it would be sad to have to start over again.

I now have a tentative proposal thesis defence date for October 2, did I mention your proposal is suppose to be done in the first 2 terms of your masters. I am now at exactly 2 years, and counting. It’s nice to have goals, it will be a busy month…yeah.

The undergrads our now in the residences and celebrating. They’re so young, I’m don’t think at 17 you should have the freedom to be out on your own at university. Is it just me or am I completely annoyed by students, high school and undergrads alike. I’m sure I was just as annoying to people with families as well but hey this is the cycle right. I appreciate peace and quiet, the freedom to go to bed at a decent hour without waking up exhausted. That’s all I ask for…peace. These kids are pumping their music at midnight as I write, I hate frosh week.

I went for a run yesterday…I felt like I was going to die. No I’m exaggerating, I just felt as though my heart was going to jump out of my chest and my legs were gong to turn to jello. I went straight into the shower and did not get out for quite some time later. Not because it was relaxing but because my legs were not strong enough to pull my weight off the ground in order to get up. I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes, ok well, actually 25, no wait…23 min. 30 min just sounds complete, way better than 23. Anyways, I have to do interval training (where you run for some time and alternate with walking) which I’m told is the best way to lose belly fat by my person trainer (VS). I was actually already doing this, not because it is the most efficient method to get fit, but because of my inability to run for more than 5 mins without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack.

I will try to stick to it. Why you ask? My motivation? I thought to myself, what if my children had gotten kidnapped by some crazy predator and took off to get to his car and all I had to do was run up to him screaming bloody murder to save my children and I couldn’t do that because I was huffing and puffing somewhere in the background as he drove off. Is this psycho or what? OK well I also watched a Tsunami special where I pictured myself swimming in those huge waves holding onto the baby only having to stay afloat and unable to do so because of my lack of physical fitness caused the loss of my baby’s life.

This may be crazy but this is my motivation, although these events are highly unlike (I hope), I’m using my paranoia to help me get fit. It’s kind of sad that is has come to this. Oh boy.

You may think I sound insane but my paranoia stems for reading the news everyday. What kind of crazy world do we live in where these events may even be possible. We’ve become so desensitized to violence since it is a daily occurrence, it’s scary.