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Public urination ok???

Posted on: August 4, 2009

VS opened the door to go outside as VS was about to take the kids out with the dog, only to find to my horror, M1 was urinating on our patio. Did I also mention that our backyard is not fenced in and faces a parking lot. Anyways, this completely shocked us. When asked why he did this, he said that he had to go. Well why didn’t you come inside I said. Well, I thought going outside was ok. I guess I have to back up and tell you about our visit to the park. We were on our way back to the car when M1 really had to go, so with no public washrooms in site, we encouraged him to go behind some trees. From this then, he took it to mean that its ok to go anywhere outside? So I had to let him know that if there is a washroom close by, it is preferable to use that, lol. especially if it’s your own house. ugh, M2 can’t play in our backyard until it rains.
oh boys, their logic astounds me.


3 Responses to "Public urination ok???"

All XY chromosome-ers bewilder me, even at this age.


LMAO! I love it!! You told him to tinkle outside and now he just goes. I would take a picture, and use it to embarass him when he brings girls home. But that’s just me.

Welcome to the blogosphere!!

Yeah, I know I already have naked pictures of him ready to show his first g/f.
Boys sure think differently than us.

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