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Currently working on my homeschooling resources list, it meant to help make things easier for me just in case my computer crashes and I lose my favorites list. Just thought it might also be helpful to others. Just find out I won’t be completing my thesis proposal till September so it give me more time to work up all my data, yeah! The end is in sight, must start writing. Where do you start when writing a 200 page thesis, sounds so daunting. Great play date today. I had organized a play date with 3 other homeschooling mothers and it had been rained out the last 2 weeks so finally able to meet up today. Kids had a great time at the splash park although M2 did not touch the water. He spent his time chasing birds, at least he had fun.


It’s soon to be August, I’m working on my proposal, which will hopefully be done in 2/3 weeks. Just hoping to get it out of the way. With all the experiments planned I’m hoping to be done by Feb/March. Time has passed by so fast. Then its on to the real world. Ideally, I’d love to stay home, however, financially that won’t be possible. Definitely enjoying the homeschooling life. Just wish I was home more.

M1 as in Monkey #1 turned to me and said he had a problem that he did not know how to work through. I asked him what it was. “Mom I don’t know what job to choose, if I become a paleontologist I’ll miss out on being an exterminator, and if I’m an exterminator I’ll miss out on being a paleontologist.” My little boy’s love of dinosaurs is conflicting with his love of bugs, poor thing. I told him he had lots of time to choose and that if he really wanted to he could do both, hehe.